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May 5, 2018 UPDATE

The Sea of Kyoto, Kyotango City, Aminocho

At north of the Kyoto prefecture, at the Tango peninsula we find Aminocho in Kyotango City.The magnificent Sea […]

At north of the Kyoto prefecture, at the Tango peninsula we find Aminocho in Kyotango City.
The magnificent Sea of ​​Japan opens in front of your eyes, here it nurtured a rich culture through a far-reaching history since ancient times.
The mountains and sea blessed this area with natural hot springs, and the passing seasons change the landscape into charming exquisite natural patterns.
Especially in winter, people visit from all over Japan seeking to savor the delicious regional Matsuba Crab.
Enjoy local sake, taste the delicious sea food, bathe enjoying the Sea of ​​Japan. Time for pampering bliss is found here

Hot Springs

Most of the hot springs in Aminocho are located along the coastline, where the sunset is beautiful, a mysterious sound is heard from the sandy beach, the birth place of Urashima legend.
All the hot springs are natural, and contemplating the majestic view of the Sea of ​​Japan while bathing in the warm inviting waters, the relaxing feeling is outstanding. Here you can have the luxury of the sea and hot spring together

【The Hot Springs of Aminocho】

Yuhigaura Hot Spring / Kizu Hot Spring / Hatchohamakobama Hot Spring / Tango Hanareko Hot Spring / Tango Kotobiki Hot Spring / Nakizuna Hot Spring / Asamogawa Hot Spring


Matsuba Crab

Every year on the 6th of November fishing for Matsuba crabs at the local ports is permitted. As severe cold approaches, the early winter winds in like poetry.
The rugged ocean bottom offshore of the Tango Peninsula is a perfect fishing ground for Matsuba crab fishing. 
At the Asami river fishing port near the coastal fishing ground crabs arrive fat, sweet and juicy, only the ones that have cleared a severe criteria will be ranked, tagged and sent for auction.


Local Spirits

The sea breeze, invigorating natural waters from the mountains. Nature' s expressions from season to season.
In the small town of the Tango Peninsula, there are many sake breweries use the local natural resources and features.
The area produces sake, shochu, beer, wine that brings to your palate the happiness and fortune of Amino’ s nature , filling you completely with the charm of Tango.

Kyoto Prefecture Northern Region Alliances Corporation,Kyotango District Headquarters, Aminocho Branch

Kyoto Prefecture Tango City Amino Town (Inside the Amino Station) 629-3102

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