Showa heritage in details

Jan 1, 2018 UPDATE

Showa heritage in details The Maruyama Park Radio Tower

(JP) 朝の体操にハツラツ、野球中継では一喜一憂した庶民の拠り所、それが円山公園のラジオ塔だった。

Maruyama Park's Radio Tower, a place for vigorous morning exercises, thrilling baseball matches live broadcasts, a cornerstone for the masses.

Passing through the way out Daijingusha at Yasaka Jinja Shrine towards Maruyama Park, in the center of the square a strange tower emerges in front of your eyes. Constructed on the 7th year of the Showa Period by JOOK (Kyoto First Broadcast Station)

NHK Kyoto Broadcast repaired it on the 57th year on Showa to celebrate 50 years of broadcasting, leaving a commemorative plate on the back of the tower, a heritage from that period that only people who knows Kyoto can appreciate and be proud.When it played an active part on broadcasting, masses gathered around this radio tower to listen to the Nation anthem , radio exercises and thrilling baseball live matches.Leaving a important memory of that era printed in a precious photo displayed by the side of the tower.There are still exist 7 of this radio towers in different parks of Kyoto.

The Maruyama Park Radio Tower

Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Gionmachikitagawa Maruyama Park
15 minutes walk from Keihan Main Line (Honsen) Gion Shijo Station

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